Welcome to Taste of Healing, where healing with real, honest food never tasted so good!

Perhaps you have found my page in your search for relief from a particular health condition, or simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Have tried many different diet plans and just ended up with feeling worse in the end? I know how devastating this can be, after years of facing serious health challenges and trying many popular diet plans, it was an enormous relief to finally learn the foundations of traditional nourishment, and understand the healing power of real food.

I was raised on a farm in South Africa and spent my childhood, teens and early adult life battling my weight and trying every diet in the book! The result was a cascade of serious health issues which eventually lead me in my quest for healing to the path of studying Nutritional Therapy and specializing in healing foods.

Cooking is a passion, and I spent many years as a private chef, in residences and on luxury yachts. Healing foods should look and taste amazing! The body has a remarkable ability to heal, given the right tools.  I truly believe health problems can be diminished, eliminated or avoided through a nutrient dense program, improving energy levels and overall health.

I offer one on one Nutrition and Wellness Consultations, in person from my office in Fort Mill, SC, or via Skype anywhere in the world. The goal of nutrition therapy is to educate you, the client to make the best informed decision about your health, and provide you with the tools to attain and maintain great health, coaching you on your wellness journey.

To educate clients and the public to become knowledgeable as to how the body works, and to make an informed, educated decisions to achieve health goals, I offer Nutrition and Wellness seminars in group sessions, with lectures and cooking demonstrations.

Corporate Wellness ‘Lunch and Learn’ type seminars are offered with a variety of topics,

these are tailored to the specific needs of the event, and last between 30 to 45 minutes. Presentations include a power point slide show and could include a cooking demonstration with samples.

Planning a bridal shower, girls night out or group of friends getting together? An in home cooking demonstration and health talk is a fun way to spend an evening and enjoy great food! A variety of topics and menu plans are available for selection.

Do you visit the grocery store and leave with everything you didn’t intend buying? Bamboozled by misleading labels? Then a grocery shopping tour could be the perfect solution! Join me for a personalized and scheduled tour of area grocers where we learn to decipher food labels and learn to shop with the seasons. A perfect complement to this service could be to schedule an in home pantry detox and kitchen makeover.

I hope you join me on your wellness journey,